Thursday, June 16, 2016

MaximaOnAndroid: A Short Pictorial Essay

App:  MaximaOnAndroid
Cost: Free
Author: Yasuaki Honda

MaximaOnAndroid is a Common Lisp based CAS mathematical program.  The latest version I am posting on today was 2.8 (6/13/2015).  Rather than talk about how awesome this app is, I would like to show you.  This app was recommended by Bill Zimmerly.  Thank you Bill!

Note: The app takes a lot of memory, I would advise to store the additional space on the SD card on your device if you are using a phone.

Prime factorization of 13!, 23!, 33!, and 43!

Expanding, Factoring, and Integration

Distributive Multiplication and Proper Fraction

3D Plot of sin(y^2 +x^2)/(3*cos(y^2-x^2)) 


 Solving Equations, Finding the Numerical Approximation

 Julia Set About 1.1 + 3.1i

So that is a short demonstration of MaximaOnAndroid.  Check it out!   Eddie

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  1. You're welcome, Eddie! I knew you would like it ... just like I like this blog of yours.


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