Thursday, October 15, 2015

Update: A Possible Future HP Prime App

Update: A Possible Future HP Prime App 

I am working on making a new App for the HP Prime.  My plan is for the app is to have a collection of special functions (such as super factorial, Bessel function of the 1st kind) and application calculations (such as Dew Point, Millman Theorem). The reason why I am optioning for an is that the functions can be accessed through the Toolbox-App menu. It is still in its infant stage right now.  

I also want to do a geometry tutorial series, my first choice is for the HP Prime's Geometry App but I am open to doing a short series for the TI 84's Cabri Jr. instead.  

Please let me know any suggestions in the comments.  Thank you, 



  1. Replies
    1. Great News Eddie! How about some Geometry for the HP PRIME that would include conics, rotations,etc. like the TI CAS CX has!


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